We offer both assessment and motor valuation services that meet customer satisfaction.


We inspect any motor vehicle that has been involved in a road traffic accident and construct a full examination of the vehicle. We carefully check the point of impact and consequential damage. We compile an accident damage report within 48hrs. Once the accident damage is assessed we carefully price up the repair costs using our online systems. Depending on the extent of the damage of the vehicle, we fair it into a repairable or salvage category.


Here we ensure that all vehicles purchased or sold as per their reports is a true reflection of the vehicles market price and this is of great importance to clients who don’t have ideas of how much to buy or sell vehicles that interest them. With this, it enables savings to buyer or seller thus reducing expenses that may arise.


For all insurance companies, motor vehicles cannot be insured before they are valued. Here at Metropolitan Motor Assessors Limited, we ensure we provide the correct market value for all types of motor vehicles or cycles since we are equipped with modern facilities to provide quality services.
To be the world class assessors globally.
To provide quality and affordable services in all motor services and ensuring customer satisfaction.


At Metropolitan we ensure we assist clients with valuation reports which are a necessity in courts too and as a bond. We ensure all our reports are of good quality which enables a client to be relieved and confident in such circumstances.


This is an assessment report produced after a vehicle has been involved in an accident, giving an insight into the nature of the damage, parts damaged and estimate values of damaged parts.

At purchase and before renewal of vehicle insurance, valuation is done to determine its current market value, this value is then used by the insurance company to calculate premiums etc.

A bond is a temporary reprieve that one gets from the court pending the hearing of a case. Court Bond valuation is conducted for the purpose of presenting it in a court of law so that a bond may be granted.

Here is to ensure vehicles purchased or sold as per their reports is a true reflection of the vehicles market price.